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"Pamela's work is provocative, earnest and the freshest taste of literary art that I have experienced in a very long time."
—Mary Lydia Ryan, musician
"(Pamela) thinks literarily with an 'on with the show!' openness... sub-vaudevillian style... call it p'zazz! Saving the world, one memory-at-a-time... with the humility (perspective) to see yourself as you are and to offer her to the effort to save the world. Bravo!"
—David Wilson, poet/author of Alzheimer's Blues
"Pamela uses everyday language in a vital and innovative way...high quality stuff, redefining the human."
—Rich Reha, gallery owner
"I had the privilege of hearing Pamela's performance and enjoyed it enormously. She displays subtle humor effectively with an originality that made her message most meaningful. I confidently recommend this program."
—Bob Wilson, former Rotary District Governor
"Pamela is a gifted stream of consciousness writer—a creative catalyst replete with screaming clarity!"
—Joanne Wright, board advisor, Women Business Owners
"Everyone else's subtext is Pamela's primary text."
—Jeffrey Martin Sackett, real estate developer*
* A self-confessed, theoretically upstanding citizen who, admittedly, sold out to the establishment and also happens to be related.
"Has fear ever kept you silent? You might be interested to hear from Pamela Sackett...using her words in compelling fashion to entertain and teach about the essential role language plays in relationship to feelings...."
—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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