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Pamela Sackett "One performance in particular grabbed my brain and my heart, shook my body with laughter and chills, and has left an indelible mark on me ever since. That performance was by Pamela Sackett...."
—Dana Gold, attorney and activist

"I attended this event because I thought/hoped Pamela would have a paradigm-breaking use of words … she did. She is amazing, touching, honest, funny, but yet beyond and deeper than my own words are saying here … timing, voice, deep, funny both 'ha-ha' and deeply real … I could listen and be awakened by you for hours, days …."
—Jordana P. Smith

"Pamela's poignant song augmented the teaching this morning perfectly! Her thought provoking lyrics, along with her professional performance and sweet voice, really helped get the message across. She was a pleasure to work with and I would trust her to perform for our congregation again anytime! An exceptional talent--the world needs (Pamela's ) work!"
—Reverend Judith Laxer, Gaia's Temple

"Has fear ever kept you silent? You might be interested to hear from Pamela Sackett...using her words in compelling fashion to entertain and teach about the essential role language plays in relationship to feelings...."
—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

For more information on Pamela's work, booking appearances, workshops and for product availability, visit emolit.org. To inquire through email,

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